2-QB Forum Mock Draft

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    07/26/2011 11:52 AM - 

    This is a 2011 Fantasy Football 2-QB Mock conducted with some of the guys on the forum. We decided to hop into an ESPN mock draft. We do fantasy mock drafts every Wednesday night at 10 Eastern, so feel free to stop by the forums to join us.

    Here are the results with commentary below each round.

    Also, be sure to check out my other 2011 Fantasy Football articles, which will include rankings, sleepers, busts, cheat sheets and other things. Follow me @walterfootball for updates.

    Round: 1
    (1) Prodigous Pancakes – Arian Foster RB
    (2) WalterFootball.com – Chris Johnson RB
    (3) Team Skunk – Adrian Peterson RB
    (4) Solder? I Hardly Know Her – Aaron Rodgers QB
    (5) pheltz bahr – Ray Rice RB
    (6) Ragnarok . – LeSean McCoy RB
    (7) Aurora Snowmo – QB Dog Killer QB
    (8) Welcome To DC Andrew Luck – Rashard Mendenhall RB
    (9) Team Morimoto – Steven Jackson RB
    (10) Dolphins Homer – Frank Gore RB
    (11) Little Jimmy SanchO – Jamaal Charles RB
    (12) EllijayFalcons Fan – Drew Brees QB

    If you didn’t read the headline at the top, this is a two-quarterback fantasy mock draft for an imaginary league that starts two running backs, two receivers and a flex.

    I’ve never done a two-quarterback league before, so I was excited to see how this would turn out. I was shocked by the results. Prepare for the most bizarre fantasy mock draft you’ve ever seen.

    MY PICK: It was a tough choice between Chris Johnson and Aaron Rodgers. I decided to go with the former to see how it would play out if I waited on a quarterback.

    BEST PICK: Solder? I Hardly Know Her made the right move with Rodgers. Rodgers could have arguably gone in the top three in this format.

    WORST PICK: I’d say the weakest pick of the first round belonged to Dolphins Homer. In a league that starts two quarterbacks and a flex, you can’t afford to miss on many of your early picks. While Frank Gore is very talented, he’s almost guaranteed to miss a few games.



    1. Nick Surges says:

      Does anyone else have trouble viewing anything beyond the first round?

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