Tales from the Strong-Side

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    09/08/2010 3:11 PM - 


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    It’s been a while since I wrote about the happenings in the land of IDP. The pre-season is over and the season is set to kick-off. Here are some things to keep an eye out for as it affects your IDPs…

    -Atlanta Falcon DE, Kroy Biermann, has not to anyone’s surprise really, outplayed Jamaal Anderson for the starting defensive end on the right side and will play opposite John Abraham. Biermann was an IDP breakout last season as he notched 5 sacks in limited rotation. This season he was expected to maintain the same role, but his upside was still great. I had him ranked within the top 25 but, now that he’s a starter, I believe he has the upside to be a top 15 DL in most IDP formats. If you took the chance on this kid, you’re likely going to cash in. He definitely has the ability to notch double digit sacks within an improved defense. At this point, any Jamaal Anderson owners that are left can safely drop him (even in dynasty leagues).

    -Philadelphia Eagle DE, Brandon Graham, looks to be primed and ready to go as the starter opposite Trent Cole. Graham should play about 45-50 snaps in week 1. Defensive end is a volatile position, especially for a rookie, but Graham makes a solid DE2 consideration this week in most leagues. Green Bay has an improved offensive line, but Graham is a high motor pass rusher and should be able to break on through.

    -Kansas City ILB, Derrick Johnson, was named the starting inside backer, much to the dismay of Demorrio Williams’ owners. Drafters that took the chance on DJ are smiling from ear to ear and he’s definitely the more talented backer of the two. Williams notched 117 tackles in the spot last season and DJ has the upside for the same type of production. There’s always the possibility that Williams replaces Johnson on passing downs.

    -Packer OLB, Clay Matthews, is shifting his linebacker spot and his duties are changing. He’ll be moved to the left side and will be called on to occupy more space and blockers, so his upside his limited with this move. He won’t be called on to rush the passer and won’t see as much one-on-one opportunities. He’ll make the transition, but the IDP upside takes a hit, especially in more tackle heavy leagues.

    -Arizona LB, Daryl Washington, is set to open the season in Karlos Dansby’s old spot on the inside for week 1. The release of Monty Beisel and injury to Gerald Hayes, in addition to Washington’s stellar play helped open the door for this opportunity. Washington owners are going to want to start him this week, and he’s a great LB2 with huge upside. Keep an eye on his role once Gerald Hayes is given the bill of health.

    -New England S, Patrick Chung, has been named the starting strong safety. This playmaker should be considered a top 20, and even, a top 15 DB in most IDP formats. He has the capabilities of putting up tripe digit tackle numbers and should be drafted as a DB2 with DB1 upside this season.

    -Another safety to keep an eye on is Jacksonville safety, Anthony Smith. He has been granted the starting strong safety job with the Jags. He’s had some issues in the past with consistency but now has another chance. He could be one of those early week waiver wire pickups that pan out.

    -Washington S, Reed Doughty, will get the chance to start at free safety for the first two weeks of the season while Kareem Moore recovers. He should put up decent tackle digits but won’t help the Redskins in coverage. Start him as a DB2.

    Well, that about does it for this edition. Questions or comments?
    E-mail me: mike@fantasyfootball.com
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