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Cardinals-Giants: Fantasy Breakdown

10/24/2009 10:38 AM - 

Which brings me in a roundabout, long-winded way to this week’s Cardinals-Giants matchup. Its a tough call across the board. On the one hand you have the Cardinals’ No. 1 ranked rush defense versus the Giants’ No. 5 rushing offense, but are you going to sit Ahmad Bradshaw? Or how about the Cardinals’ sixth ranked passing offense versus the Giants top ranked pass defense? If you saw the Saints-Giants game you know that being ranked No. 1 means nothing when you are being absolutely shredded by Drew Brees.

My Watch List- Week Seven

10/20/2009 8:08 PM - 

RB Beanie Wells cannot be counted on until the Cardinals begin to count on him, and their rushing attack. Tim Hightower has more value because he is second on the team in receptions, is the better blocker, and gets the goal-line carries. Still, who isn’t waiting for that breakout game from Wells? Give him time, its coming. While I think Hightower’s value will remain relatively steady and solid, once Wells gets warmed up his value has the potential to surpass Hightower’s. This potential however, is squarely in the hands of play caller Ken Whisenhunt. If Arizona remains near the bottom in rushing attempts per game, Wells will be a non-factor this fantasy season.


Danny Amendola, Rams WR: Bookmark Him Now

10/16/2009 6:41 PM - 

Like Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola is another Wes Welker clone. Danny is probably sick of hearing about the comparison, but the similarities cannot be denied. He is 5’11 and 183, or two inches taller and a tad lighter than the now immortal Welker. Where did he go to school? You guessed it, Texas Tech, Welker’s alma mater. What position did Amendola play there? Why of course, slot receiver and return specialist, where else? To ice it, after a stellar college career, including his senior season when he caught a whopping 109 balls for 1,245 yards and six TDs, Amendola went on to be, yes, undrafted.

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Awry-When The Fantasy Forecast Is Cold and Rainy

10/13/2009 7:50 PM - 

Yes, I sat Matt Ryan okay? Sometimes when your fantasy team is struggling, you do illogical things like sit your #1 QB. Shake things up, try some bold moves. Sometimes it works. Other times not so much.

My Watch List-Week Six

10/12/2009 5:04 PM - 

Austin Collie: See above. Austin had a two TD performance vs the Titans last night on eight catches. While Pierre Garcon’s stats have cooled off, Collie’s are now burning hot. He is still available in my league, probably because the Colts have a bye this week and opening day starter Anthony Gonzalez is set to return for Week seven. Pick him up. He is worth the chance because he may keep his touches if he outperforms Gonzalez.

Bernard Scott, Bengals’ RB: Bookmark Him Now

10/09/2009 8:42 PM - 

If you are a Benson owner and believe in handcuffing, you need to pick up Scott. If you are not a Benson owner, bookmark Scott and monitor his touches. He has big play ability more so than Benson, and his opportunities may increase over the course of the season. If he becomes the primary kick returner and can also attain 10-15 touches from scrimmage, there may be a flex option slot for him.

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Mike Thomas, Jaguars WR: Bookmark Him Now

10/05/2009 8:58 PM - 

Versus the Titans, Thomas recorded a 34-yard punt return, a 42-yard kickoff return, an 11-yard run and a 10-yard reception. Snaring 5 balls and given the right to tote the rock 3 times as a WR, shows Jacksonville’s confidence in him and the potential for Mike Thomas to be one of their primary weapons in the near future.

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Fantasy Radar-Week 5

Fantasy Radar-Week 5
10/04/2009 10:16 PM - 

Matthew Stafford had some nice stats considering he only played 3.5 quarters, 296 yards and a TD. He led a Lions team that registered a total of 25 first downs and nearly 400 total yards. Stafford was injured in the game but its too early to know at this point if he will miss playing time. If he doesn’t, grab him. His confidence is growing and the Lions aren’t afraid to have him air it out.

Early Games First Half Observations

10/04/2009 2:24 PM - 

Matthew Stafford has cleared the hurdle. He has increasing confidence and the Lions are letting him air it out. In fact it seems to be their game plan, to win with his arm. Today with 10 minutes left in the first half he has already thrown for a buck fifty and a TD.

Josh Johnson: Fantasy Spotlight

10/01/2009 3:31 PM - 

“In Tampa everyone wants to know will it be Byron Leftwich or Luke McCown under center for Week 1? If it were me I would be choosing between Josh Freeman or Josh Johnson. Neither Freeman or Johnson is ready to be a consistently victorious NFL quarterback, but so what? Neither are Leftwich and McCown, and the other two guys have much more upside.”