Early Injury Report From Week 15

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    12/18/2011 8:00 PM - 


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    These are the initial injuries that we were able to round up Sunday night. As more injury news becomes available, we’ll update this page. If you learn of an injury that’s not listed here, please drop me a line…craig@fantasyfootball.com.


    - None to report yet.

    Running Backs

    - It seems as if Broncos RB Willis McGahee gets hurt every week, and it’s no different this week. Against the Patriots, McGahee re-injured his leg and is considered questionable to return.

    Wide Receivers

    - Bills WR Stevie Johnson suffered a groin injury and was unable to return in the 4th quarter vs. Miami. He’ll be re-evaluated again on Monday, likely with an MRI.

    - Giants WR Devin Thomas suffered a neck injury vs. Washington and didn’t return to the game. He was on the sidelines and walking around after the injury but supposedly going to be re-evaluated Monday.

    - Bengals WR A.J. Green suffered a shoulder injury that took him out of the game on three separate occasions. He will have an MRI on the should but they might not like the results.

    - Bears WR Johnny Knox suffered a pretty serious mid-back injury in the first quarter vs. Seattle and was taken to a local hospital after immobilizing him.

    - Seattle WR Mike Williams suffered a broken ankle vs. Chicago and will miss the rest of the season.

    Tight Ends

    - Bills TE Lee Smith (who was replacing the injured Scott Chandler) suffered a severe ankle injury and could miss the rest of the season.

    - Giants TE Jake Ballard suffered a knee injury which knocked him out of the game in the 4th quarter.


    - None to report yet.

    Offensive Linemen

    - Packers OT Derek Sherrod injured his leg so badly vs. the Chiefs that the medical staff had to place it in an air cast. His season is likely over.

    - Packers OT Bryan Bulaga suffered a significant knee injury vs. Kansas City and will have an MRI Monday.

    Defensive Linemen

    - None to report yet.


    - Browns LB Titus Brown injured his right leg (knee or ankle, tough to tell) and hopped off to the sidelines on his left foot.

    Defensive Backs

    - Bears S Chris Conte suffered a serious foot injury and didn’t return to the game vs. Seattle. His season might very well be over.

    - Panthers FS Charles Godfrey injured his shoulder vs. Houston and he was forced out of the game in the second half.

    - Panthers CB Captain Munnerlyn injured his left leg in the second half vs. Houston and did not return.

    - Vikings DB Asher Allen suffered a concussion vs. New Orleans and will have to go through all the tests before he can be cleared to play next week.

    - Texans SS Troy Nolan suffered an ankle injury, but the team is saying they don’t believe it’s too serious.

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