Fantasy Football Free Agency

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    02/10/2010 7:23 PM - 

    FF Free AgencyWith the Super Bowl in the books and the NFL’s March 5th free agency start date approaching, it’s time to break down the top-10 fantasy football free agents to be and what may be in store for them.

    It’s not an especially strong class but there’s a few names to watch this month and deliberate exactly where they fit or in some cases don’t.

    I’m sure there will be more names added with LaDainian Tomlinson, Torry Holt, and Michael Vick joining this list just to name a few.

    So, this may turn into a weekly off-season column of sorts. . .

    Brandon Marshall

    1. Brandon Marshall – Wide Receiver

    2009 Team: Denver | Height: 6’4″ | Weight: 230 lbs. | Age: 25

    Interested Teams for 2010:

    bal25Baltimore – The Ravens are in dire need of a physical wide receiver and Marshall fits that bill. They have an aging defense, but their offense is making strides and QB Joe Flacco needs to be surrounded with more targets. This makes a lot of sense but with Marshall, there will always be character concerns to go along with his game-breaking ability.
    cle25Cleveland – WTF! I know right? We’re looking at a Browns team with not a lot of weapons in the receiving corps outside of Josh Cribbs. With Mike Holmgren in town, expect the Browns be a west-coast offense that would actually fit Marshall’s skill set very well. We also know Holmgren’s penchant for wanting to acquire WR talent.(Robinson, Burleson, Branch) The bottom line is that the Brownies need more playmakers.
    chi25Chicago – I’m listing them here out of blind hope, plain and simple. I still have dreams of seeing Cutler throw touchdowns to Marshall for the orange and blue, so maybe they can still do that. . . except wearing Bears jerseys? I doubt the Bears have the funds and with a number of other players coming up for contract, they might be best served bringing in some more offensive lineman on the cheap to give Cutler more time.
    Antonio Bryant

    2. Antonio Bryant – Wide Receiver

    2009 Team: Buccaneers | Height: 6’1″ | Weight: 205 lbs. | Age: 28

    Interested Teams for 2010:

    oak25Oakland – Nobody knows what Al Davis will do when free agency begins but you can rest assured he’ll make some kind of splash. The Raiders’ receiving corps is desperate need of a makeover with Darrius Heyward-Bey, Chaz Schilens, and Johnnie Lee Higgins being the team’s top wide-outs. They have a tremendous player at Tight End in Zach Miller and adding a player of Bryant’s caliber would certainly make life easier for Miller.
    cin25Cincinnati – This is more of my high hopes for AB. He needs a team that’s willing to invite him into their locker room and draw double teams away from Esteban Ocho Cinco. The Lavernaues Coles experiment was a failure and while Andre Caldwell has shown some nice flashes, Jerome Simpson has been a huge bust. The Bengals need another possession type receiver to fit into their passing attack.
    hou25Houston – While it doesn’t seem likely that the Texans would pay Bryant that much to play second fiddle to Andre Johnson, they would certainly open their offense up in a big with a target like AB on the other side of Andre the Giant. The Texans run a derivative of the west coast under Kubes and Bryant is a veteran who could pickup the offense in a very short period of time.
    Terrell Owens

    3. Terrell Owens – Wide Receiver

    2009 Team: Buffalo | Height: 6’3″ | Weight: 224 lbs. | Age: 36

    Interested Teams for 2010:

    was25Washington – Even Redskins haters have to admit that they wouldn’t mind seeing Owens back in the division playing for them but they’d have to get the QB situation addressed first. The bottom line remains, Washington will be running the west coast offense under Shanahan and he’ll likely want a big target in town to give his running game breathing room
    buf25Buffalo – There’s no reason why the Bills wouldn’t just bring him back with the lack of big money deals coming Owens’ way. While the Jills are likely to go run-heavy under Chan Gailey, they can still use a receiver with Lee Evans’ contract also set to expire. The Bills’ real problem is at quarterback and they need a player who’s not afraid to go deep and can make quick decisions on the fly.
    oak251Oakland – Don’t rule out Oakland on any lists is the only thing we can count on. Al Davis makes decisions that are beyond bizarre at times and bringing in a veteran hot head that criticizes QBs for a living wouldn’t be out of the question. I would love to see the move personally because after a month or two with Owens, JaMarcus Russell would feel so bad that he’d be crying himself to sleep into his huge bag of skittles.
    Larry Johnson

    4. Larry Johnson – Running Back

    2009 Team: KansasCity/Cincinnati | Height: 6’1″ | Weight: 230 lbs. | Age: 30

    Interested Teams for 2010:

    atl25Atlanta – I expect the Falcons to add another physical back to their roster. They’re certain to address the position in the draft with the expiring contracts of both Jason Snelling and Jerious Norwood. The Falcons are run-heavy and with the injuries they suffered at the position last season, it would make a lot of sense to add a veteran and a rookie ball-carrier.
    pit25Pittsburgh – Talk about a team that changed its identity last year. With Parker injured and the offensive line lacking the ability to open holes, the Steelers turned into a passing team last season. The coaching staff has put out a commitment to run the ball more and LJ would pose a nice compliment to Rashard Mendenhall to give them to solid inside options.
    det25Detroit – I know that Detroit has been leaning towards developing their roster with younger players but they do not have a physical back that can move the chains between the tackles. Not that the Lions have the tackles to drive the point of attack but having a legitimate threat would certainly be a much better stance than rolling out a gimp Kevin Smith, Mo Morris, or Aaron Brown.
    Chester Taylor

    5. Chester Taylor – Running Back

    2009 Team: Minnesota | Height: 5’11″ | Weight: 230 lbs. | Age: 30

    Interested Teams for 2010:

    sfo25San Francisco – You could almost copy & paste the same list for LJ but Chester is a much better receiver out of the backfield. The 49ers already drafted Glenn Coffee but weren’t satisfied with what he did when he got his opportunity last season. It would behoove San Fran to get a solid insurance policy on Frank Gore in case he breaks down again in 2010.
    sdg25San Diego – It’s a guarantee that the Chargers are going to part ways with LaDainian Tomlinson but they can’t be sold on Darren Sproles as their main ball-carrier. Expect them to bring in a veteran and with their team gearing more towards throwing the ball, Chester would make a really nice fit in southern California.
    kcc25Kansas City – There’s a lot of folks that are very high on Jamaal Charles after his breakout 2009 season and I’m not going to take away from that but it would certainly be a good decision to back him up with a proven veteran that can do a multitude of things.
    Derrick Mason

    6. Derrick Mason – Wide Receiver

    2009 Team: Baltimore | Height: 5’10″ | Weight: 195 lbs. | Age: 36

    Interested Teams for 2010:

    nep25New England – Where all old receivers go to die. Seriously though, with the Pats likely to be without Wes Welker who will still be rehabbing from his knee surgery. Mason could bring a lot to the table and he’s certainly a great veteran presence for the young players in Foxborough.
    cle251Cleveland – There aren’t a lot of options for Mason but he would be welcomed on Cleveland’s roster with their lack of a veteran presence on the wide receiving corps. The Browns don’t have a lot of pass catchers and with a young group, Mason could offer a lot in the coaching aspect of the game.
    hou251Houston – Once again, I think that the Texans will go out of their way to ensure that they have a proven target opposite Andre Johnson because it’s very unlikely that they will retain Kevin Walter and Jacoby Jones doesn’t look like the answer. Mason would give them another nice underneath target to go along with one of the better passing games in the league.

    7. LenDale White – Running Back

    2009 Team: Tennessee | Height: 6’1″ | Weight: 235 lbs. | Age: 25

    Interested Teams for 2010:

    sea25Seattle – Duh! Seriously, it’s Pete Carroll and he’s putting the band back together. Don’t be surprised to see other former Trojan players flock to the great northwest to join their former mentor but this is also a good fit. The Seahags need a physical back for the tough yards and Julius Jones appears to be as good as gone.
    den25Denver – Denver wants to be a more physical running team with bigger linemen and some bigger backs. They might want to get more beef behind Moreno and Buckhalter. The Broncos don’t really need a big back but that won’t stop Josh McDaniels from making even more miscues on his way out of town.
    phi25Philadelphia – The Eagles need to compliment LeSean McCoy with another running back that can move the chains and that player is not Leonard Weaver or Brian Westbrook. The Eagles might take a look at White in free agency.
    Malcolm Floyd

    8. Malcolm Floyd – Wide Receiver

    2009 Team: Tennessee | Height: 6’5″ | Weight: 225 lbs. | Age: 28

    Interested Teams for 2010:

    dal25Dallas – Floyd is another guy that might not make it out of his contract if 2010 is a non-capped year, which it’s looking like it is. Don’t be surprised to see Jerry Jones add another big deep threat to compliment Miles Austin, who will be resigned to a long-term deal if Floyd becomes available.
    car25Carolina – Quarterback is a much bigger area of need but the club still hasn’t found the answer on the other side of Steve Smith and the big-bodied Floyd offers up a nice skill set for the Panthers offense that could use a legitimate red-zone option.
    chi251Chicago – The Bears really could use a receiver with some size and deep speed, two thing that Floyd can offer. He’s been making Jay Cutler’s nemesis(Phillip Rivers) look good for the past few years, so maybe he can do the same for Cutler in the windy city.
    Tony Scheffler

    9. Tony Scheffler – Tight End

    2009 Team: Denver | Height: 6’5″ | Weight: 255 lbs. | Age: 26

    Interested Teams for 2010:

    cle252Cleveland – Another team likely to be running the west coast offense and in major need of pass catchers. The Chef would be a welcomed addition for the Brownies and he’d be a big hit with the fan base. I love this fit!
    cin251Cincinnati – As previously stated above, the Bengals need more pass catchers and they’re especially week at the tight end position. Last year’s 4th rounder, Chase Coffman, hasn’t lived up to expectations and while I love John Paul Foschi, he’s not the answer at the position.
    kcc251Kansas City – This is another team that simply hasn’t found the answer at tight end and they still need a legitimate pass catching tight end to open up their offense, especially with Charlie Weis in town. Look for the Chiefs to be one of the many suitors for Tony Scheffler’s services.
    Willie Parker

    10. Willie Parker – Running Back

    2009 Team: Pittsburgh | Height: 5’10″ | Weight: 209 lbs. | Age: 29

    Interested Teams for 2010:

    det251Detroit – There simply won’t be a lot of interest for Parkers’ services but the Lions really need to have some insurance behind Kevin Smith w/ that injury situation. The knee completely gave out on him without contact, so it’s got me worried enough.
    stl25St. Louis – The Rams still don’t have a lot behind Steven Jackson, who will once again carry the bulk of the offense until he breaks down again. Parker would be a nice fall back option and a good back to spell Jackson, as well as compliment him.
    pit251Pittsburgh – It’s not out of the question that Parker may end up back w/ Pittsburgh if he gets no significant offers. He knows their scheme, he’s familiar with the quarterback, and he would still be a competent backup to Mendenhall.

    Thanks for reading folks and if you’ve got any comments, questions, or complaints please bang them out below and you can also send ‘em my way to


    1. Greg Vogel says:

      much props gogobroncos. another solid 6 pack. would love to see bryant paired with gradkowski (if he’s actually started), chester in san diego, and chef back on a team that will actually use him.

    2. Greg Vogel says:

      er, i mean free agency pack.

    3. gogobroncos says:

      Thanks Greg! I agree that The Chef needs to be on a team that wants to throw the ball to their Tight Ends. Hopefully he finds a good home in 2010. :)


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