The Big Tourney

big-tourney-logoThe Big Tourney, officially founded in 2008, is the only tournament-style, weekly fantasy football competition on the planet. The Big Tourney gives you the capability to join a 10-team league on a weekly basis, competing for weekly cash prizes OR a seat in the Big Tourney Main Event. There are three types of tourneys: 1) The Main Event Tourney, 2) Satellite Tourneys, or 3) Instant Cash Tourneys. The Satellite Tourneys are run on a weekly basis for the sole purpose of “earning” a seat in the Main Event Tourney. The Main Event Tourney, held at the end of the NFL’s regular season, allows for 270 finalists to compete for $27,000 in cash prizes, including the grand prize of $10,000 (if it fills). The Instant Cash Tourneys are for those people who solely desire to win weekly cash prizes without being tied into the Main Event.