Fantasy Football Team Names: The Top 50

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    08/04/2011 3:03 PM - 

    “Fantasy football rankings sleepers and draft advice are just a few key elements in fantasy football, but the real nitty-gritty is fantasy football team names! Yup that’s right kids, we do this every year—it’s time to decide on a name for your fantasy team.”



    1. Robert Pimentel says:

      kimbles and vicks

    2. Chuck Kline says:

      Jugs & Speed

    3. Nick Surges says:

      The Hurt Focker

    4. irishbonz4u says:

      The Green Machine

    5. Cw4499 says:

      The Chino fighting Milk Cows

    6. Rico Baldinelli says:

      I saw this recently:

      Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe

    7. Clint Zenk says:

      Mine for 2011′s in honor of the best LB currently wearing Green & Gold: “Mr. Matthews Mullets.”

    8. york yates says:

      Hairy Bagels

    9. Alohabmw says:

      In one league I saw “Row, row, row, Tebow” and Stafford Infection…pretty creative…

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