Fantasy Radar: NFL Week 9 Waiver Wire

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    11/05/2009 2:05 AM - 

    Radar is all about discussing the less than obvious fantasy news, with an obligatory splash of commentary about the obvious thrown in


    Alex Smith- Last time I talked about Alex I said he’d have to have three solid games in a row in order for me to take his resurgence seriously. So far so good, as he has notched two decent games back-to-back.

    Vince Young- Fantasy stats-wise there wasn’t much to get excited about in Vince’s first game back as starting QB. There is some upside to consider though. If VY gets his confidence back he can post more usable Fantasy stats.

    ~Running Backs~

    Leonard Weaver- Who doesn’t love a fullback that can make some plays when given a chance? Weaver was looking like Le’Ron McClain the other day with 8 rushes going for 75 yards and a score, including the 41-yard romp to daylight. If Brian Westbrook were to remain sidelined for the rest of the year that would be one thing, but even then you could really only find use for Weaver as a flex option. No need to pick up Weaver unless your league allows for a ton of bench slots.

    Darren McFadden- I haven’t seen much from McFadden yet that makes me think he will be a star in this league. At this point Justin Fargas and Michael Bush are at least as effective if not more, plus the Raiders are horrible (yeah I am back to dissing Oakland at every turn). Stay away.

    Ryan Moats (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

    Ryan Moats (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

    Ryan Moats- I picked him up at 4:18 pm Sunday, and he was likely gone from some waiver wires an hour or more before that. Here are my thoughts. Moats is quick and had an incredible day, 23 carries for 126 yards and 3 TDs. I am happy for him since he has been a career backup having what may go down as his best NFL memory of his life. But Steve Slaton is the starter for a reason, and I can’t see Houston leaving him on the bench to rot. Remember, Moats suddenly received 15 Texans carries that he converted into 56 yards, but did not touch the ball in any other game before the Week 8 breakout, so his production is not something to bank on. Best case scenario for Moats is that he pops off one more valuable fantasy day, and then holds on to share some of the duties the rest of the season. With coach Kubiak mum on who will start this coming week, I would only use Moats if your other options are weak and/or you can afford to roll the dice a bit. I picked him up for trade bait.

    Jamaal Charles- Larry Johnson’s shenanigans yields to Charles’ increased involvement in the Chiefs offensive plans this week, and perhaps for the rest of the year. One thing we know about Charles is that he is fast and elusive. The Chiefs aren’t that great though which could prove to be just the obstacle to block his Fantasy success. Stash him away and see what happens first, unless you are desperate.

    Justin Forsett- As a Cardinals fan, I could have told you Edgerrin James was done last year. Seattle just refused to believe, until releasing him today. This paves the way for a glimmer of light for Justin Forsett to make a touch of fantasy noise. Leave him on the wire and if he makes a huge statement Sunday, grab him. Otherwise he is probably not worth a roster spot.

    ~Wide Receivers~

    Devin Hester- Well, well, well, look who is leading the Bears in receptions and yards? Nope, its not Earl Bennett or Johnny Knox, its the guy many say can’t turn into a No.1 receiver. Sorry, he is not on the waiver wire. Just wanted to point that out.

    Mike Thomas- Who led the Jaguars in receptions and yards this past game? The same guy who added a 7-yard run and 146 return yards. Over 200 yards with 9 touches, not too bad for a sleeper.

    Michael Crabtree- I am amazed how good, and how natural and fluid Crabtree looks. He has a right to be pissed that H-Bey was the first WR taken, there is simply no comparison between these two players. Consider trading for Crabtree if you can bid low.

    Sam Aiken/Brandon Tate- This is the Patriots, so don’t think that you can know how they are going to use anyone. Still, Aiken is jet-fast and Tate returns kicks. Keep them on the wire but take note.

    Kevin Walter/David Anderson/Jacoby Jones- With Owen Daniels going to IR, many are wondering if the WRs might receive more passes instead of the replacement TEs making an impact. I have no advice because I have no idea. Any of these three could step up, or not. I picked up Jacoby Jones because he has made big play after big play this year and the insurance is that he is a returner so he is always going to get touches. Still, he is not exactly reliable yet.

    ~Tight Ends~

    Fred Davis- With Chris Cooley out for at least four weeks, you could do worse than grabbing Davis, who grabbed an impressive eight balls for 78 yards and a TD. I’d grab him and throw him in the lineup if I was weak at the TE slot.

    Joel Dreessen/James Casey- With Owen Daniels now on IR (see above), what if a TE does step up and produce somewhere near Daniels’ level, if so who will it be? This week it will have to be Dreessen since James Casey will miss this next game, and maybe more. For the long term, if Dreessen doesn’t settle in as a competent replacement, Casey has more upside and could potentially rock the house upon his return. Only thing is, that may take awhile. Consider Dreessen as an emergency pickup and monitor his production.

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