IDP Analysis: An Early Look at the Wire – Week 16

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    12/19/2011 9:19 AM - 


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    Well, that was short-lived. My playoff appearances that is. I’m hoping you guys were luckier than I was this week as I ran into the buzz saws and got trucked by Matthew Stafford and Reggie Bush this week, and in another league, we ended in a tie where my playoff run will be ended by the dreaded tiebreaker. Week 16 is championship week for most of you, hopefully, so here’s a look at some week 16 waiver wire IDPs that help bring you a title this week…

    Defensive Line
    Mark Anderson, DE, NEP: Andre Carter went down to an injury against Denver, so he’s going to log more snaps and playing time, so if you were a Carter owner, you might want to grab Anderson this week. Anderson has enjoyed a nice season with the Pats, as he finished week 15 with 3 tackles and 2 sacks and gets a Dolphin team allowing around 2 sacks per game to opposing DLs.

    Dwan Edwards, DE, BUF: Edwards is usually a solid tackler and producer in those tackle heavy leagues, and he’s notched 12 tackles in the last two weeks. He finished week 15 with 6 tackles and draws the Broncos in week 16, team that’s allowing just over 17 tackles per game to opposing DLs.

    Derrick Morgan, DE, TEN: He’s had an up and down season, and playing time has led to his inconsistencies. As long as he can get consistent snaps, he can be a force. Although he hasn’t logged a sack since week 4, he’s facing a Jaguars that’s giving up, on average, around 2 sacks per game to opposing DLs in week 16. He’s definitely worth a flier in deeper leagues.

    Ernie Sims, WLB, IND: Sims has stepped his game up with more defensive snaps due to some injuries to the linebacking group. If the foot injury to Phillip Wheeler has him out longer, Sims is a great pickup, as he’s notched 27 tackles in the last three weeks, and he has a track record of production in a similar system in Detroit. The Texans are giving up just over 22 tackles to opposing LBs this season.

    Wesley Woodyard, WLB, DEN: Even with DJ Williams starting, Woodyard is still getting snaps and putting up solid IDP numbers, worthy of being on a roster. Woodyard notched 9 tackles in week 15 and has 92 on the season (the majority of those coming in the first half of the season). However, as long as he’s on the field, he’s making tackles and he’s leading the Broncos in that stat.

    Jordan Senn, WLB, CAR: He’s one of the new Panther LBs that has stayed healthy, so for Senn, it’s all about opportunities and he’s making the most of his. Since week 11, he’s notched 45 tackles in the last 5 games, including a 14 tackle (12 solo) effort against the Texans. However, he has a tougher draw against the Bucs, as they are known for abandoning the run early.

    Defensive Back
    OJ Atogwe, S, WAS: LaRon Lndry’s out for the season and he’s getting back on the field. Atogwe has definitely had a down-year, thanks to injury, but he turned in a big week 15 with 6 tackles, an INT and 2 defended passes against the Giants. He’s turned in double digit fantasy points in most tackle heavy leagues in two of the last three weeks and should be active in a favorable match-up against the Vikings.

    Jacob Lacey, CB, IND: I had him on my list last week and I’m putting him back on here this week. He’s making plays for the Colt defense and has double digit fantasy points in four straight weeks, including back to back weeks of 20+ points. He’s a corner that’s getting targeted and he’s responded with 29 tackles, an INT and 5 defended passes in the last four weeks. He’s a solid pickup for week 16 if you need a cornerback starter.

    Ashton Youboty, CB, JAC: Youboty continues to make plays for the Jags, as he’s taking advantage of his playing time due to numerous injuries to the secondary. He’s playing near the line of scrimmage, as well to help defend the run, so he’s being called to do numerous things defensively. In the last four weeks, he’s notched 21 tackles, a forced fumble, an INT and has 3 defended passes. The Titans are a favorable match-up for DBs, so he’s worth a pickup this week.

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