Jason Avant—WR Pickup Of The Week?

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    12/01/2009 11:49 AM - 

    If you believe everything you read, Reggie Brown would be the WR to pick up if DeSean Jackson does in fact end up missing Week 13 with a concussion. The way concussion awareness has escalated and been handled with increasing caution in the NFL this season, it is wise to expect Jackson to miss some time.

    It has been reported that it will be Brown that gets the start in Jackson’s stead if that happens. Reggie is after all listed as DeSean’s backup on the official depth chart. While Brown may get his name in the game day program, for fantasy purposes Jason Avant is the one you want to pick up, and here is why.

    Jason Avant #81 (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

    Jason Avant #81 (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

    First, about the matchup:

    The Eagles face the Falcons, who just allowed rookie QB Josh Freeman to accumulate 20 completions on 29 attempts, for 250 yards and 2 TDs, for a 118.5 QB rating. Owners of Eagle players are rightfully excited to exploit this situation.

    Concerning Brown vs. Avant:

    Reggie Brown has 3 catches on the season, while Jason Avant has 32.

    Brown was the recipient of 2 targets with 0 catches, whereas Avant had 6 targets, with 5 catches and a team-best 94 yards, including a 46-yarder.

    Avant has been coming on strong as of late. In fact, I almost picked up him anyway even with a healthy Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Brent Celek all catching balls, because in the past 3 games he has 17 catches for 276 yards and a TD. He is a hard worker who usually operates in the shadows, but when given the chance, he almost always comes through. He has made some spectacular catches, and not just this season.

    When the Eagles were trying out the T.O. experiment, I was of the opinion that the Eagles wasted a ton of money on a team cancer, whereas they could have gotten just as much production at a bargain rate with someone like Avant. Maybe the Eagles learned their lesson, as they drafted Avant in 2006—T.O.’s first year in Dallas.

    Fast forward to 2009, and I don’t know what kind of future Avant has in Philadelphia. As I said previously, if I were Baltimore or Miami, or any number of other receiver-hungry teams, I would make a play for Avant because I think he could make a solid No.2 WR elsewhere whereas in Philly they appear to be set for the long haul with youngsters Jackson and Maclin.

    As far as fantasy goes, take advantage of Avant’s opportunity while you can. Who knows, it could be that even with Jackson in the mix, he builds upon this three-week roll to find himself hovering around the center of the Eagles offensive plans for the rest of the season.


    1. mkossina says:

      Avant over Maclin ?

    2. Chris Farmer says:

      No, Avant as a pick up off the waiver wire, as opposed to Reggie Brown, and presuming Maclin is unavailable (long gone from the waiver wire). If you have Maclin I would start him first.

    3. Adam Gambino says:

      Chris – Are you by chance from Gulf Shores, Alabama? I knew a guy back in the 80′s from Gulf Shores and was just wondering. Anyway, I have the Packer’s Defense, the 49er’s Defense and the Seahawk’s Defense. The Packers are at home hosting the Ravens (around 25 degrees at game time/night game). The 49ers are at Seattle Sunday afternoon (low to mid 40s). Which Defense would you start?
      Adam G.

    4. Chris Farmer says:

      No sir, must be someone else.

      Have to admit, this is a tough call. The Packers are the best defense so I would go with them. Maybe the cold weather will help keep the scoring down.

    5. youngmichael3 says:

      Chris, are you recommending Maclin or Avant just for this week because DJax is most likely out? Or do they have value the rest of the year? I have Wayne, Austin, Crabtree, and Burleson and looking to upgrade for the final run. I know Wayne will probably sit the last couple weeks, or at least not play much. Both Maclin and Avant are available.

    6. Chris Farmer says:

      YM3, no sweat I deleted the spam:)

      Oh I def. would recommend Maclin or Avant this week with DeSean likely out. I would venture to guess if you want to pick up just one, Maclin might be the wiser choice for the stretch run, if for nothing else b/c he has been more consistently involved in the game plan.

      Maclin has been putting up numbers comparable to Crabtree though, so I am not sure if he will give you an upgrade or not. With Jackson out it couldn’t hurt to gamble and hope he gets, and stays, even more involved going forward.

      hope that helps

    7. Adam Gambino says:

      Thanks Chris – I was thinking Green Bay as well. That is Fantasy Football; you never know. Good luck this weekend!

    8. Adam Gambino says:

      By the way, I have DeSean Jackson and I agreed with you. I picked up Jason Avant just after reading your initial post. If Jackson doesn’t play, I will be going with Avant. Thanks again,

    9. youngmichael3 says:

      Would you play Avant (vs ATL) over Austin (NYG)

      1 pt 10 yards/6 pt TD/NO PPR

    10. youngmichael3 says:

      I forgot to add Maclin in there. Avant or Maclin over Austin. And who do you you think has more upside the remainer of the season. I am planning on Wayne being useless come week 16-17. I Dropped Burleson and picked up Garcon just in case. I am also dropping a kicker to pick up either Maclin or Avant. I just don’t know which one to get.

      As for the SPAM, I just wanted to pick on the guy, yesterday was one of those days…

    11. Chris Farmer says:

      Cheers and thanks Adam, good luck to you too.

      youngmichael, I’d pick up Maclin over Avant, although they very well may both have good games.

      I don’t know that I would sit Austin, if it were me I would keep Austin in the lineup.

      good luck!

    12. Brad Wiggins says:

      Avant or Evans? Many are saying Evans might get alot of looks tonight with the Jets?

    13. Chris Farmer says:

      Hope you didn’t start Evans

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