Looking Back at Week 2

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    09/22/2010 8:54 AM - 

    What I noticed from week 2 in the NFL:
    - Houston may have the offense to win a championship, but I’m not sold on the defense quite yet; that passing defense has got to improve because everyone knows defense wins championships.
    - Kyle Orton is doing his best Drew Brees impression, not necessarily stat wise; but Orton is spreading the ball around in Denver and that makes for inconsistent fantasy starts from the WR’s.
    - The worst team in the NFL has to be the Buffalo Bills.
    - Who said Mcnabb and LT were out of gas?
    - Maybe Favre is out of gas?
    -  Buy low fantasy stock: Mike Wallace: get him now while he has low value, once Big Ben gets back his value and production will sky rocket.
    - Sell high fantasy stock: Jahvid Best: with a tough schedule ahead, get rid of Best for the maximum value right now. Teams will look to contain the lightning fast rookie as long as Shaun Hill is back there in
    the pocket.
    - Vick is showing teams who need a QB that he still has something in the tank.

    Looking ahead to week 3 fantasy wise:
    - Look for a scoring fest in Houston and in Jacksonville.
    - Next team that gets the honor of beating up Buffalo is: Tom Brady and Co. of the New England Patriots, start em all.
    - Cutler vs. Rodgers on MNF, classic time for Cutler to throw 5 INT’s.
    - Can Favre break out of his slump against the Lions.
    - QB changes everywhere: Clausen vs. Cinci, Fitzpatrick vs. NE, Leftwich vs. TB, and possibly Gradkowski vs. AZ.

    Word of advice: keep an eye in the upcoming weeks on Sidney Rice, he is recovering from his injury right on schedule and will be worth a waiver wire pickup in the upcoming weeks.


    1. youngmichael3 says:

      Do you really think that J.Best should be on the trade block right now?

    2. Mike Woellert says:

      I think so. Why not? If someone is willing buy high on this guy and you can get a nice return on the package, I’d do it….

    3. Tyler Eldred says:

      If you get the right value for him; right now his stock is probably as high as it’s going to be all year. I’m not saying he’s going to fall of the face of the fantasy world, however i wouldn’t expect the numbers he put up last week every week. If you can get the right price on him, I’d pull the trigger.

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