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    09/26/2009 11:45 AM - 

    Okay so everyone has run out and nabbed Bears WR Johnny Knox, well hey congratulations you may have yourself this year’s Marques Colston. The season is young but certainly worth a chance. Or maybe you have opted for Rams wideout Laurent Robinson, he is playing like the go to guy so far in St. Louis. If you missed out on them there is still hope.

    Your mileage may vary, yet these guys are still available in a surprising number of leagues:

    ~Wide Receivers~

    • Nate Burleson. Seahawks leading WR just ahead of TJ Houshmandzadeh. One TD to Housh’s none.
    • Bobby Wade. Picked up off the street by the Chiefs just last week, he led the team in receiving and added 57 return yards. This has classic one game anomaly written all over it but then again, you never know. If you have room on your bench take a chance and see if he can repeat this. Or if you are feeling bold, start him this week if Dwayne Bowe, who is currently a game time decision, can’t go.
    • Julian Edelman. Edelman created a lot of buzz by being able to waltz in and lead the Patriots in catches last week. What remains is a big question mark. If Moss and Welker are healthy, does he get any work and if so how much? Is this the beginning of a rising Fantasy figure or was he merely the beneficiary of Welker’s absence? I picked him up in my league simply because he is amazingly, quicker than Welker, a man who has made millions with that quickness, and because Moss and Welker are both questionable for Game 3.

    ~Tight Ends~

    • Todd Heap. Only one catch last week but has a TD in each of the first two games.
    • Brent Celek. Truly only here because he is honestly still available in my league. He likely is not still a free agent in most leagues, nor should he be. That said, this is therefore a no brainer. I featured Celek in my preseason series Hot List, and he has not disappointed. He is the top receiver in Philly with 14 catches for 141 yards and a score.
    • Vernon Davis. I know I know, waiting for Davis to breakout has put us all to sleep frankly. And he may never fully utilize his immense physical talents. Yet what are the 49ers going to do this weekend if they can’t run the ball versus the stout Vikings’ run defense? Shaun Hill doesn’t throw deep a lot, so I would expect a fair number of chances for Davis underneath.

    ~Running Backs~ and ~Quarterbacks~

    • Justin Forsett. Added a extra punch last weekend that Julius Jones and Edgerrin James did not. Worth monitoring how his playing time develops.
    • James Davis. Likely to get his first NFL start albeit versus a tough opponent, the Ravens in their house, with Jamal Lewis possibly out. Still, we’ve seen what a young hungry player can will himself to accomplish if he wants it bad enough. Plus, what else do the Browns have going for them right now? They NEED Davis to do SOMETHING don’t they?
    • Beanie Wells.I have gone out of my way to advocate for Tim Hightower, and he has performed as expected. Hightower is a good player and one of my favorites, and is primed for a big game versus the Colts since they can’t stop the run. My gut is telling me that despite fumbling twice last outing, this may actually be Wells’ breakout game. Every time he touches the ball he is a threat to break a long one, and the Colts may be just the team for Beanie to exploit.
    • Byron Leftwich. This could be the week that the immobile and stork-like QB Leftwich goes down with a season ending injury versus the ferocious Giants pass rush. However until then, he is surprisingly the #3 Fantasy QB in my league behind only Brees and Peyton.


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