Spencer Havner, Green Bay Packers’ TE: Bookmark Him Now

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    11/02/2009 2:08 AM - 

    So I’m watching my beloved Cardinals getting rocked by the Panthers in a classic let-down game, meanwhile flipping to and fro the instant classic that is expected out of the Packers-Vikings matchup.

    Betwixt commercials I get a hot tip from Tab Bamford of TopFantasyFootball that Spencer Havner has scored his second TD of the game. I, like most of you said huh? Who is Spencer Havner? Thus setting off a mad flurry of Spencer Havner google queries by multitudes nationwide. If you were curious like me you may have found this quote:

    Wed, Oct 28: “He’s an instinctive football player,” McCarthy said of Havner. “He’s a young man that’s taken full advantage of his opportunities. You love to see guys like Spencer have success.” (Yahoo! Sports)

    Getty Images

    Getty Images

    This after his third and fourth career receptions on a two catch, 59-yard, 1 TD outing vs the Browns with Jermichael Finley ailing. Well apparently that is the scenario where Havney, a complete fantasy unknown, thrives.

    With Finley out again, Havner responded with a two catch, 21-yard, 2 TD performance that has to make you stand up and take notice. Not in a Chris Johnson, 24 Rush, 228 yds, 2 TDs kind of way. More like a Samkon Gado kind of way.

    Sure, these two games could go down as Havner’s most prolific in his pro career. Even if they do, you have to marvel at what a wacky world it is where Spencer Havner became at some point in his life fantasy relevant.

    Here is an undrafted player that has toiled on practice squads at his usual linebacker/special teams spot, and converted to TE this preseason because the Packers were thin at the position. Finley goes down, and who knows what the future holds now.

    Maybe he has done enough to be more than a pet project for the coaching staff. Maybe when Finley comes back we’ll never hear from Havner again. But it is that IF that makes it wise for you to at least consider picking him up.

    Maybe you have an underproducing dud on your bench that has done very little and has a discouraging upcoming schedule to boot? I.e. dead weight. I didn’t have any dead weight to drop because I had already picked up Ryan Moats, who in an equally startling, revelational way came in for fumblitis victim Steve Slaton and produced 126 yds and 3 TDs, plus 2 receptions for 25 yards.

    But I thought hey, at least I can put him on my watch list and  hope no one else grabs him in case he turns into fantasy gold.

    Wow was I taken aback when I found that in my league he was already taken. Thats right, a Green Bay faithful must have been so in tune with his Pack that he grabbed him off the waiver wire as a— thats right you guessed it—Linebacker! In my Yahoo custom league, my man Havner is available as a LB, and this cheese-genius had nabbed him and started him as his starting IDP!

    Frankly, I was stunned. Kudos sir, that is fantasy wizardry.

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    1. Perry Van Hook says:

      LOL sorry Chris – maybe it was the subscriber on Live Advice who asked my opinion whom I told that Yes, if his offensive contributions would also count, that I thought he would be a good play this week at LB

    2. Chris Farmer says:

      Could be! The cheese-genius scored 14 pts with “LB” Havner, better than the 2.3 I scored with Elvis Dumervil so…not bad at all…

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