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    07/14/2009 11:27 PM - 




    If you like the scoring rant I posted yesterday, perhaps you’d like to jump in one of my leagues. I definitely have one opening in BEEF version 1. Version 1? The public demanded another league, so I had to oblige.


    This team is available.


    Here is the main page: BEEF v1


    Here is the rule page, and everything is up to date (scroll to bottom).


    This team may also be available, but not until the above team is locked up first.



    In summary, the original league was constructed to be a fun, easy to comprehend, keeper/dynasty hybrid. Many of the things you see on the rule page is really filler. It has to be there to avoid loop holes and confusion. I’ve been a commish for about 10 seasons, so I have extensive experience in how to operate a fair, smooth, and fun league!




    Quick hits:


    * Superior scoring system (scoring favors TDs and turnovers/sacks)

    * IDP

    * $100, 100% payout

    * We do both Playoffs, and 17 week Regular Season (see rule page)

    * Draft Order Playoffs for teams that don’t make Fantasy Bowl Playoffs.

    * 16-team league

    * No dumb salaries

    * Innovative Offense Line category

    * Slow Draft (extends season)

    * Keeper league flavor, with Dynasty (taxi) option for drafted rookies

    * User-friendly commish


    Let me know via email,



    Time for bed. I have a 3 hour 15 minute drive to work tomorrow. It’s going to be a long, long day. 

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