Week Seven Last Minute Thoughts

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    10/25/2009 11:30 AM - 

    Super Sleeper Alert: Brandon Tate, Patriots’ WR

    Tate has been inactive while recovering from ACL and MCL tears he suffered last season while at UNC. Despite missing the last eight games of his senior year he is still is the all-time combined return yards leader in NCAA history.

    Brandon Tate @UNC: InsideCarolina.com/Jack Morton

    Brandon Tate

    Julian Edelman reportedly has a broken forearm, but of course the Patriots are vague so who knows. Regardless, Tate was activated for this game, presumably to take over as kickoff and punt returner. Who knows, he may get a few looks in the passing game too.

    Michael Crabtree’s debut

    All eyes are on Crabtree who may start in his first NFL game. The way the draftee handled his business was lame, but there is no denying he is an exciting player to watch. I can’t wait to see what he does. I would not be surprised at all to see him put up at least a few highlights.

    Redskins collapse?

    I am curious to see how the Bingo Hall guru Sherman Smith fares in his first coaching action in four years as OC for the ‘Skins. This game could go one of two ways, either the Eagles blow them out of the water proving the ‘Skins are indeed in shambles, or the Redskins use the adversity to rebound and play their best game of the year. I lean towards the former.

    Matt Ryan going unsacked

    Ryan has not been sacked in four games. If his line holds again, not only is that an awesome streak, but Ryan will toast the ‘Boys given that amount of time. Roddy White is coming on strong again.


    I expect this game to have a playoff-caliber intensity. The Giants secondary was miserable last weekend, and given their weak schedule to date, maybe their D is simply overrated? If they can’t get to Warner its game over. Their D-line is so talented though, and Levi Brown in particular is so soft, this may be the game they rebound with a nice performance. I am hoping the AZ secondary maintains some momentum that they started last weekend in Seattle.

    DeAngelo Williams- 200 yards?

    There. I said it. DeAngelo get his wheels warmed up and stomps the Bills today for 200 yards. Watch.

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