Who is the #1 Pick in Your Draft?

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    07/26/2009 10:49 PM - 

    On the front page of our site I see an article from Bruno Boys on five reasons not to take Adrian Peterson with the number one pick in fantasy leagues. That got me to thinking…who would I take in a PPR league and who would I take in a non-PPR league. Before I go into my analysis, remember that it is only late July and things can change but here are my thoughts on this Sunday evening.

    PPR League – This is tough because Peterson is the best back in the league but he doesn’t catch passes. He only has 40 catches in two season in the NFL. With that said, I’m going to take Maurice Jones-Drew as the top player in a PPR draft. MJD scored 14 TDs last season and only two were via the pass. I believe that total will increase this season as MJD will be the guy that steps to the top of the fantasy world in 2009. Why you ask? MJD is entering the prime of his career and he has already been really good and secondly, his team doesn’t pass well, so they will rely on MJD to score in the red zone. My #2 pick in a PPR is Adrian Peterson. He is very capable of breaking the single season NFL rushing record this season and will get plenty of TDs, just won’t catch many passes.

    Non-PPR League – No question here as I’m taking Adrian “All Day” Peterson. Peterson will rush for over 1,600 yards this season and should have 14+ touchdowns. He is entering his 3rd season and¬†might possibly have Brett Favre handing him the ball. ¬†Peterson is as good as it gets when it comes to rushing the football…I just wish he caught more balls.

    Moral of this story is that Adrian Peterson is a stud and don’t over-think this decision if you are in a Non-PPR league. Michael Turner is great and will be a nice player but he isn’t All Day Peterson. If you are in a PPR league and want to take Peterson, I can’t fault you but I’d take MJD at this point. Of course my Sooner pride could persuade me as we get closer to draft day.


    1. gogobroncos says:

      It’s such a tough decision in a PPR league but I’m not going to be the guy who passes on ADP. I’m shocked Brooks is going away from his Sooner in this decision. :P

    2. riverjags says:

      In non PPR, where would you draft the TD vulture Lendale White? Does Brandon Jacobs deserve to be chosen in the first half of the first round based on his ability to score the TD yet factoring in his injury history and the “baggage” the other top ADP RB’s may have?

    3. Craig Davis says:

      I don’t think Jacobs is going to go in the first round of any type of draft, unless it’s a 14-team league. Our staff rankers have him ranked as high as 11 and as low as 14 in a non-PPR league format. Four years ago, Jacobs (given the same projections) would be taken in the first round, but in today’s modern era of WR-happy drafters, Jacobs is most likely a second round pick at best.

    4. riverjags says:

      wouldn’t think Jacobs would be a first rounder either …thanks for response

    5. freddy cheney says:

      I’m trying to decide between Forte and Steven Jackson at 4 or 5? Do you think Bears will cease to be a run team with Cutler or do you worry more about SJax missing time?

    6. Donald Martino Jr. says:

      I have 1st pick in one of my leagues, would I be wrong to take MJD 1st overall?
      I like the PPR points over AP.

    7. Craig Davis says:

      freddy… I still lean towards Forte. I realize the sample size is smaller, but you can’t argue with what he did last year. Jackson has tremendous upside, but can he stay healthy? Can he get blocking? Too many questions for me.

      donald… Would you be wrong? Absolutely not. Go with your gut. Go with your research. Make a cheat sheet with our draft planner and see what it says. No question Peterson suffers in a PPR format. Don’t think you’d be wrong going either way.

    8. Ryan Brooks says:

      gogo…MJD is just consistently a stud and that is tough for me to say since I have a man crush on Peterson. I hope I don’t get the #1 pick and have to make that choice.

      Freddy…I have a slight lean towards SJax over Forte, but to be honest, I’d draft Turner, Westbrook, and Barber ahead of both of them.

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