WIN $10,000 In a Fantasy Football Tournament: Try It Free

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    09/07/2009 11:44 PM - 

    Play the Main Event and win $10,000 Cash from’s Official Game, The Big Tourney. 
    (Get a FREE satellite entry into the Main Event by becoming a fan of Fantasy Planet Games on Facebook.) is committing to become a full service, interactive, fantasy sports community with our generously free news and information, a soon to be trio of fantasy football games, and a full service message board. Last season fantasy football launched it’s second of it’s three fantasy football offerings with The Big Tourney. A new tournament style with a unique elimination format, which is what I would like to explain to you today. Tournaments can come in a variety of sizes, but I will focus on our Main Event today, a 270 player tournament lasting four weeks.

    Each participant is placed into a 30 team region every week that is broken up into three leagues of ten participants. From each region of 30 only 10 teams will advance into the next round. In order to advance, either, finish in the top three of your 10 team league, or be the highest remaining score from all the participants that failed to advance from your region as the Wildcard. So that is 3 X 3 advancing from each league plus the 1 wildcard team for 10.

    Under that elimination method each week of a 270 player tourney will go like this:
    Week 1- 270 players;
    Week 2- 90 players remaining;
    Week 3- 30 players remaining; (Everyone remaining is in the money.) 
    Week 4(The Finals) 10 players remaining. ($10,000 cash first prize)

    This is the style we utilize for our Main Event that pays out $27,000 in total cash prizes with the Champion taking down a cool $10,000 all for just $125. We also pay cash to all of the players that advance two weeks(30 players) translating into more than 11% of the field reaping a profit. Along with the fact you can win your way into one of these for as little as $3 through a satellite tournament and that becomes an unbelievable deal. Take a look at the Cash Prizes below and remember there are only 270 players in each event, so your odds of winning are much greater than the usual fantasy contest.

    1st  $10,000.00 
    2nd  $5,000.00 
    3rd  $2,500.00 
    4th  $1,500.00 
    5th  $1,000.00 
    6th – 10th  $500.00 
    11th – 30th  $225.00

    Get in the action now at and begin building  your bankroll today. Get a free entry into a Main Event Satellite just for becoming a fan of Fantasy Planet Games on Facebook.

    Thanks and Good Luck,
    Fantasy Planet Games

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